is made from natural recycled fibers that have been chemically treated to add resistance to fire, mold and mildew.  It’s carpet-like texture and wide variety of standard and custom colors enable K-13 to be used as an attractive surface finish in both new construction and renovation projects.  Its acoustic advantages significantly improve ambient sound quality in key projects such as auditoriums, sports facilities, detention facilities, television and sound studio’s, convention centers and parking garages.  In our opinion, the K-13 material is the best available material on the market today.

Homeowners, whether you are building a new home or remodeling & upgrading your existing insulation, Celbar effectively insulates the home.

Builders, now you have a choice for your clients.  No longer are your clients forced to settle for fiberglass insulation.  You can present them with a viable alternative, one that is very energy-efficient, environmentally smart, and the natural choice.

Architects, specifying Celbar into your projects has never been easier.  Specify Celbar in your projects for reducing sound transfer and reduce operating costs by lowering heating and cooling loads. *Normally used for concealed wall/ceiling applications.

Since its development in 1979, Monoglass Spray-On has become the leading spray-applied glass fiber insulation worldwide.  Monoglass Spray-On, made from 25% re-cycled glass, is non-toxic, odorless, and bright white for higher light reflectance.  Monoglass is a non-combustible product, elimination the concerns and disadvantages of combustible cellular plastic or cellulose insulations.

A unique blend of inorganic and proprietary binders, Heat-Shield offers a combination of features not found in any other spray-applied thermal/acoustical product.  Heat-Shield is ideally suited for light gauge steel panel, concrete slab construction, cold storage facilities, or wherever an R-20 thermal value is required.

HPS 5100 is a two component, HCFC blown, polyurethane spray foam system.  It is used for thermal insulation of building walls, roofs, tanks, vessels and pipes.  Other similar materials are available upon request.