John and Jeanne Brunk started Brunk Industries in 1978.  After specializing in spray applied acoustical and thermal insulation materials, demand and growth within the industry led us to fireproofing material installation for structural members, firewalls, and other specialty installations.  Family owned and operated, the company is based in central California.

With the completion of over 2,000 projects, we’re often called to travel extensively throughout the nation and overseas to target projects specified by building owners, architects, and various engineers.  Brunk Industries even travels to areas where other insulation installers exist, the reason being our unparalleled service, experience, and technical know-how.

Brunk Industries’ expertise is so valuable in fact, that many manufacturers of insulation materials consult us for insight into their Research and Development of highly specialized materials.  With two decades of experience, it’s no wonder we’re regarded as the top professionals in the industry!