Since many common building materials such as steel and concrete do not burn, fire protection of structures made from these materials is not an obvious requirement.  It is not until one examines their performance under fire conditions that the need for protecting them becomes apparent.

Tests carried out at fire test laboratories have shown that steel columns and beams loaded to normal design limits will collapse when the steel temperature reaches approximately 1000oF.  Unprotected columns and beams can collapse after only 10-15 minutes exposure to fire.  Obviously, structural collapse after this brief period of time would be disastrous.

Building regulations require certain elements of a structure to have a fire resistance rating.  Structural columns and beams must be able to withstand the effects of a standard fire exposure for the required time period.

Fire protections is Isolatek’s single focus.  It is what they specialize in.  This ingle focus has led them to develop the broadest range of products in the industry.  Their product line consists of Spray-Applied Fire Resistive Materials (SFRMs), Firestopping Products, Thin Film In tumescent Coatings and Rigid Board Fire Protection.  There is no other manufacturer who can offer this complete and extensive range of customized passive fire protection solutions.  ISOLATEK International provides all forms of passive fire protection solutions for your building to ensure that it is not only in accordance with all codes and regulations but also is protected against the possible future damaging effects of fire in the most cost effective manner.

  • Blaze Shield DC/F
  • Blaze Shield II
  • Blaze Shield HP
  • Cafco #300

Mandoval’s fireproofing is in place all over the world on industrial and commercial facilities with applications as wide-ranging and demanding as offshore platforms in the North Sea to the Bay Area Rapid Transit Railway System in San Francisco, California.  Having provided fireproofing materials in virtually every corner of the world under the most demanding conditions, Mandoval makes sense for your next fireproofing application.

  • Mandolite CP-2 (Low Density)
  • Mandolite P-20 (Medium Density)

Architects specify Monokote fireproofing to protect a building’s structural steel frame from failure in the event of a fire.  Recognized by architects world-wide for in-place performance and superior durability, you’ll find Monokote fireproofing in all types of buildings including high-rise construction, manufacturing facilities, schools, hospitals and sports facilities.

  • Monokote Type MK-6
  • Monokote Type Z-106
  • Monokote Type Z-146
  • Monokote Type Z-3306
  • Retro-Guardz