With the completion of over 2,000 projects, Brunk Industries is called to travel throughout the nation and abroad upon manufacturer’s or clients request.

We have applied spray materials to many types of structures, including: theaters, convention centers, casinos, recording studios, movie studios, underground parking garages, offices, classrooms, business or city centers and restaurants.

U.C. Berkeley, USC, Cellular One, Wells Fargo, Bank of America, Safeway, Foster Farms, Oakland Airport, and many, many other projects have been serviced by Brunk Industries.  Here is a partial list of our clients by category.


“I would wholeheartedly endorse the use of your product in any gymnasium on the basis of the benefits Oakdale High has incurred as a result of it’s installation.” -Robert J Carter, Principal of Oakdale High School

…”Your scheduling, promptness, competence, follow-through and overall professionalism were very much appreciated by our on-site superintendents and the next time we bid a project with your specialty, we will definitely be requesting your bid.” -Gino R Elliot, Secretary-Treasurer, RGM and ASSOCIATES, Inc.

“We are very pleased with the quality of your work and the professional attitude of your technicians. The end result far exceeded even what we had anticipated.” -John W. Swizer, C.A.E. Airport Manager, Solano County Nut Tree Airport

“I was skeptical about the K-13 spray on insulation you use. Now that I am a firm believer, we will call you again. Your material not only insulates the building but stops the condensation problem and quiets the building’s interior.”-Peter R. Valconesi, Cal Coast Construction

“The results have been outstanding, surpassing our expectations, and that’s not even considering the tremendous cost savings involved. Your staff was thorough and professional and couldn’t have been more responsive. We’d certainly intend to use your services again. Thanks!” -Keith C Belling, Johnny Love’s Dining and Dancing